My vintage camper… And the future I envision for it!

This is my birthday month! (My sister-in-law taught me to enjoy the whole month as a birthday celebration!!)

As I grow a year older, I become reflective and dreamy…

Two years ago, my husband surprised me with a vintage camper – 

– and since then it’s been patiently waiting a remodel! The kids have played in it and it has served as a storage space for camping supplies, but other then that, I’m sorry to say, it’s been neglected!

But a dream has been reawakened!

I want to turn the camper into a vintage store on wheels!! I want to turn it into KINDCOTTON- VINTAGE TREASURES and drive it to flea markets! 

So… We finally started the remodel!

* I did paint the kitchen as soon I got the camper! I’m keeping the kitchen because it’s so adorable and would make a cute display for vintage dishes!

We cut the benches in half to make little side tables over the wheel wells. (Not quite finished with the tables.)

Eddie used a vintage hand drill to help remove screws.

So much left to do, but I have many helpers ❀️ It’s so special to share a dream with your family and have them lovingly help it come true! I’ll be sure to post progress on my little vintage store on wheels!!