Sewing minecraft gifts

Minecraft is a favorite video game in our house and has been for years!

I can’t play it or even watch the screen for long because it makes me dizzy, but I do like that all the kids can play it at once!

I wanted to share two simple Minecraft themed sewing projects…

Minecraft Creeper Pillow – Easy


  • Green material (I used fleece)
  • Black material (I used felt)
  • Chalk
  • Ruler or other straightedge
  • Needle
  • Thread (green and black)
  • Stuffing (you can reuse the stuffing inside an old pillow)
  • Sewing machine optional


  1. Cut the green material into two squares – size depends on how big/small you want the pillow to be
  2. Sew the squares together (inside out) leaving a hole a few inches wide
  3. Turn the pillow right side out
  4. Stuff the pillow
  5. Stitch the hole up with green thread
  6. Look at the creeper’s face (sorry I don’t have a template) and draw the eyes and mouth on the black material with chalk and ruler
  7. Cut out the eyes and mouth
  8. Hand stitch the eyes and mouth into the front of the pillow with black thread 

Ta-Da! Creeper Pillow finished 💚

Minecraft Doll- Intermediate



  • Green material (I used fleece)
  • Black material (I used felt)
  • Chalk
  • Ruler or other straightedge
  • Needle
  • Thread (green and black)
  • Stuffing (you can use the stuffing inside an old pillow)
  • Sewing machine optional


  1. Use the chalk and draw a human shape on the backside of the green material and cut it out (pin it together)
  2. Sew around doll (inside out) leaving a hole in the top of the head 
  3. Turn the doll right side out and stuff 
  4. Stitch up the hole in the head with green thread
  5. Use chalk and a ruler to draw the eyes and mouth on the black material
  6. Sew the eyes and mouth onto the doll face with black thread

Ta-Da the creeper doll is finished!!

Give as a gift or keep and play with!

The creeper doll makes a great reading buddy!



Treasures from the heart

Andre just came running inside the house with a (pre)birthday present for me…

He was so proud of his collection of cicada shells!

* as a special bonus, when I hugged him he smelled like the great outdoors 💚

A gift for the animal lover

Eli is a dog lover!

He wore a puppy outfit that I found at Goodwill for $2 almost everyday for 6 months! He only stopped because he outgrew it!

A friend from church noticed his love of puppies and wanted to make him a special gift…

(This was over a year and a half ago and I still tear up at this picture! It was such a sweet gesture during a hard transition to becoming  gluten free)

She had seen a picture of Eli in his costume on Facebook, so she printed it out along with a homemade label that said PUPPY CHOW.

She glued the label onto an empty glass jar (probably a pickles or jelly jar). Then she added her homemade gluten-free chex-mix “puppy chow”.

He still has the jar and he fills it with treats.

It would be fairly easy for anyone to make this kind of gift!

  1. Find out the child’s favorite animal
  2. Find a cute picture of the child and a picture of the favorite animal 
  3. Try looking through old magazines for animal pictures
  4. Think of a cute name like Puppy Chow or Kitty-Cat Food, or Bunny Treats…
  5. Glue the label and pictures onto the jar.
  6. Secure and waterproof with packing tape 
  7. Hand wash only!!! Do not immerse in water!
  8. Fill with a food the child can have
  9. Make a child happy by giving the gift to them 😊

DIY – Camp Fire Pillow

Last year, my kids were really into playing house in the backyard.

 They set up all kinds of tent houses.


But- what they really wanted was a campfire!🔥

So… While they were playing nicely outside, I went to my sewing corner and made them a fire-pillow!!

It was their idea to use an old tire and grill-wire to form their own fire-pit!

How to make your own fire-pillow 🔥


  • Orange and black(ish) material

  • Different shades of orange, red and yellow felt

  • Stuffing

  • Sewing machine or needle and thread


For the flames on top of the pillow

  1. Cut the orange and black material into same size rectangles (size depends on how big you want your fire)

  2. Cute the orange and yellow and red felt into different size strips 

  3. Sew the strips onto the orange material – 

  • smaller strips only need one side sewn down

  • Larger strips should be sewn so that they are looped high – like a flame (sew the ends close to each other)

Sewing the pillow together 

  1.  Put the orange and black  material together- right sides together (insideout)

  2. Sew around the edges, leaving a hike big enough to turn the pillow right side out

  3. Turn the pillow right side out

  4. Stuff the pillow

  5. Stitch up the hole on the side


Fluff up the flames and hand it to your children…

They will use their imaginations and find plenty of ways to play with it!!

* I hotglued a cotton ball to the end of a stick to make a marshmallow for roasting!

A scratch and sniff Mother’s Day card

 We got home late last night from a fun filled Mother’s Day 😍

My 9 year old son was concerned because he hadn’t actually “given me a present”. 

Apparently him singing in church, helping with the laundry and the dishes, taking me to get ice cream, and all the hugs and kisses I got from him “didn’t count!” 

I kept telling telling my children all I wanted was a clean house and happy children😊 

So… dispite us all being very tired, Eddie disappeared to the art table,  and quickly made me this card!!  

Yeah – the card is cute and all… But the best part is…

Eddie put a few drops of my joy essential oil on the pink splotch 🌸

He knows I love oil and he picked joy out for me ❤️

I guess he knows how much joy my kids bring me!!!!!!!!!!!

Reflections on “the gift of life” on this Mother’s Day

The gift of life… It’s a cliche, I know.  But it holds much meaning when you or a loved one has truely been given THE gift of life!

Last Mother’s Day, my daughter started complaining of a stomach ache.  I thought she was being dramatic and overreacting!  

However, we were up half the night with her as she tossed and turned in pain.

By the afternoon , we were in the E.R.   

Within the blink of an eye… She was prepped for surgery!


The words were scary, but I knew she was in amazing hands! The surgeon even prayed for her before taking her to the O.R.

My sweet daughter is fine- alive and healthy!! But I know that in a different time/place she may not have been so lucky!

So the gift of life is truly a gift!

 I thank God that Simone is with me to celebrate another year filled with the joys of being her mother!!❤️❤️