Friday Vintage Fashion – #6

Β Happy day before Halloween πŸŽƒ

I think it’s fitting that my vintage dress today is black with orange accent flowers!

My beautiful halloweenish dress…

Keeping warm with a jean jacket…

Truly getting into the season’s spirit with a pumpkin orange sweater…


I accessorized with a retro-flipped out hair style held back with a vintage orange scarf .

…and I can’t forget my pumpkin-pie earrings that I scored at a craft fair!

Happy Almost Halloween Y’ALL!

Halloween… In August

First I’d like to say I originally wrote July and then remembered with a jolt that it’s August!

LOL… Time flies πŸ˜‰

Anyway… I went and checked out a new thrift store today – and was sorely disappointed.

The prices were rediculously high; I’m always a little sad when I can’t afford a price at a thrift store!

The worst bit, though, was that they had a large Halloween section set up at the front of the store!

Now, I love Halloween! Β I don’t even mind seeing it 2 months early!!

But, I was sad to see that it was all (overpriced) brand-new costumes! Β The main reason I shop at thrift stores is to buy used products. My blog KindCotton is all about reusing for the sake of the environment and for the welfare of others working in hazardous conditions (ex: garment workers).

As soon as we walked into the thrift store – my little Eli was first filled with joy at the site of superhero costumes and then with rage at the idea we weren’t buying them!

We left the store empty handed and quickly returned to our old stomping grounds Red Racks…

Within moments of searching I found this… A bag of used costumes for $7!

We came home and the kids have been having fun playing dress up!

No one minded that the costumes were second hand – rather every one was excited at the assortment!

Quick Reminder: buy second-hand as much and as often as you can πŸ™‚

Please shop second-hand stores β€οΈ

I haven’t opened my computer in over a week and I don’t watch the news on TV so I’m a little late in knowing what’s going on around the world.

My husband told me last night about the tragic fire in the Philippines.  A fire broke out  in a shoe factory that killed many workers (I wept listening to interviews of what happened). There were no fire alarms or exits for the workers to use.  

Unsafe conditions for workers is a big reason why I don’t buy retail!

Please shop at second hand stores!!

Please wear yesterday’s fashion!!

 Don’t give money to clothes and shoe companies that mistreat their workers, that don’t protect their rights, that put their workers in harm’s way… sometimes to the point of death!!

Shopping at second-hand stores is a wonderful experience!!

There are great outfits waiting for you at the Salvation Army, Goodwill stores, and/or various thrift stores!! You will be pleasantly surprised 😊

I found Eddie this vintage St. Louis Cardinals Football shirt ($4) today!  I wasn’t looking for it… But there it was, just waiting for a cool kid to wear it proudly 😊


I got this vintage hipster hat (made in the (USA) for Andre for a quarter at a garage sale today! It helps tame his long hippie hair!! πŸ˜‰
Good luck and I hope you find some great second-hand outfits!!