A minimalized home and a much needed cup of tea

Soooo… I just went on an almost 2 month “declutter, minimalize, paint, rearrange and transform EVERY SINGLE ROOM IN THE HOUSE” phase!

…and boy am I exhausted!

Here’s a little peek inside our home.

The first picture is our living room being used as a dual dinning room and classroom.

OH – there was so much stuff!!!

I can’t even begin to explain how much stuff we donated or threw away, but you can get an idea by looking at the other pictures of both our dinning room and living room.

Needless to say – I was in need of a break this evening. LOL 🙂


I combined some very delicious goodies to make a fall treat!

I steeped the Chai Spice black tea in my newest 5-cent vintage thermos.

(See why I needed to declutter, I can’t turn down something vintage! I told myself I wouldn’t go to the garage sale and yet there I was forking over a nickel to a sweet old man in exchange for yet another fabulous thermos!!)

I added pumpkin spice creamer I got from Aldi’s to my chai tea.

….and let me tell you…

 – this is one delicious cup of tea 🙂

 – it feels so good to write a blog post, drink a pumpkin spiced tea, and do absolutely NOTHING 🙂

Hey good looking…. Whatcha got cooking?

Finally! A cool crisp fall day!! 🍁

… And I have a large stock-pot boiling on the stove…

Is this a large pot of stew? Or chili?

I wish – LOL!!

It’s a boiling pot of soapy water filled with old painted-on door hinges!

The kids were rather disappointed when they found out I wasn’t cooking them something to eat.

Here is a before picture – with about 50 years of paint..

Hopefully tomorrow I can show off some shiny vintage hinges hanging on our doors 😊

Daisy, a dog and her carpet sweeper

I now have 2 Daisies in my life!

… And one cleans up after the other!! (How conventient)

I’ve introduce our dog, Daisy, before and how she came to be in our life 🐶❤️

Now I’d like to introduce our second Daisy…

… Our vintage Carpet Sweeper!

I saw this at a garage sale today and I immediately thought of the one at my grandparents’ cabin by the lake!

(That thing seemed old even when I was a child!)

I asked the lady at the garage sale if it worked and she said, “Yup- used it twice a week! You can have it for a dollar.”

$1.00 – yes please!!!

So now I have a Daisy Bissel carpet cleaner to clean up Daisy’s dog hair!

(I know, I know… I should have put my pearls on for this picture)

It works like a charm!!! and all the kids think it’s cool and want to use it LOL!! 😉

You might be a hippie if…

You might be a hippie if you mow the lawn – barefoot! 

 I started out in flip-flops but the smell of freshly cut grass was too much… I kicked them off and wiggled my toes right into the soft sticky grass 😃

Happy feet mean a happy sole!

*pun intended 😉

Painted furniture and a short love story ❤️

On Friday, we moved my sisters-in-law out of a condo and into their new house. I could go on and on about how helpful my kids were during the move…. But then I’d just be bragging 😉

Anyway, this post is actually about the patio furniture we inherited during the move.  The metal set was my husband’s grandmother’s… And what makes it so special is that it’s where my husband and I met… and where we fell in love at! ❤️

I was 18 yrs old, had just moved out of my parent’s house, and was taking out the trash.  Josh was 27, had just moved into his own place, and was letting his dog, Rockie, out.

We said “hi” to each other… And then I started talking and just never shut up!

We would sit on the furniture on his porch- me thinking  he was the smartest handsomest man ever… And him thinking I was a bit odd  😊

2 year later we hopped a train and eloped ❤️

Fast foward 16 years from when we met… When I found out the patio set was up for grabs I quickly asked if we could have it.

We took it home that day and I immediately began the process of cleaning and spray painting it (with Eddie’s help of course)!

I find it very romantic that my husband and I will grow old sitting and talking on the same furniture we fell in love on! ❤️

A sawed-off bunkbed

I didn’t think the day would ever come… But my daughter got her own room! It’s kinda surprising since my children have always wanted to sleep in the same room! They grow up too fast 😢

I suppose it was time… Especially considering this is the FIRST thing she did…

We didn’t want to go out and buy a bed – so we did the most logical thing…

My husband sawed the metal bunkbed in half and Simone got the tall half.

Simone’s loft bed


…with a secret hide-out below!


To make the room super cozy and special, I hung up some Vintage Holly Hobby curtains! Holly has red hair and freckles just like Simone! ❤️


I know Simone appreciates the move because I’ve heard her on numerous occasions say- I can’t believe I have my own room!! 

Our vintage game table

This is the first year that all my kids could attend VBS at church without me being there! (Which means it’s the first time I’ve ever dropped them ALL off and left… Giving me time to myself!)

Well- yesterday, I actually had a date with my hubby while they were at VBS.  3 guesses where we went…

THE SALVATION ARMY! and the WHOLE store was 50% off!!

Oh, the fun we had!!

The best purchase, though, was the vintage chromantic 66 table and chairs we got for $105.00!

I also got a set of 8 vintage Reader’s Digest Placemats that feature famous pieces of art!

We also got a matching stool for $20!

I call it the teacher chair and only I get to sit in it – LOL!

  I even found some cool vintage games to play on it!!

… When we need a change of scenery we can use the table for homeschool😊

Changing genres…

I’m a Sci-Fi kinda girl.

I only watch a movie or show if it falls into the category of science fiction.  The books I read are usually teen fantasy like Fable Haven and Sabriel.


change is in the air!

I just bought 38 vintage western books- all by Louis Lamore! I spent $4.65 to get this collection! (Paperbacks were a dime and hardbacks were a quarter)

There is a reason I was drawn to these specific books…

A fond childhood memory I have is of my mother reading westerns before bed.

Also, my grandpa had a bookcase full of Louis Lamore books that I would look through and study their covers!

I remember being swept to another place and time as I read westerns as a teenager.

I also remember trying to write my own western books LOL!! (What did I know of cowboys?)

I randomly picked out a book…

… and I was captivated after the first page! I finished the book late last night and it was great! 

It was so wonderful to be lost in a book! 😄

These books have earned a shelf of their own – waiting to be read by the pool, on the sunporch, and in bed!!


Poor little fly

Some people worry about flies in their soup or lemonade… Apparently I should be concerned about flies in my deodorant!

I use a homemade deodorant that consists of coconut oil, arrow root powder, and zinc oxide! It works great for me… 

… but not so great for the fly 😟

I have been using this deodorant recipe for about three years now and have never experienced a bug in it… until now – LOL!