My child-friendly sewing space

Hooray! The emails and letters are coming in… Asking for us (it’s a family affair around here) to register for various craft fairs 😊

It’s the motivation we needed to get back into sewing mode!

First– I had to move the sewing machines into a better place.  I have a super cute sewing corner – but there isn’t enough room for us all to sew at once! (click the picture to see the full post)


So…. I moved the sewing area upstairs to the boys’ room!

(They happen to have the biggest room in the house – but they never play in there because they would rather jump on the living room couches!)

There is plenty of room for children to sew and create ❀

Sewing minecraft gifts

Minecraft is a favorite video game in our house and has been for years!

I can’t play it or even watch the screen for long because it makes me dizzy, but I do like that all the kids can play it at once!

I wanted to share two simple Minecraft themed sewing projects…

Minecraft Creeper Pillow – Easy


  • Green material (I used fleece)
  • Black material (I used felt)
  • Chalk
  • Ruler or other straightedge
  • Needle
  • Thread (green and black)
  • Stuffing (you can reuse the stuffing inside an old pillow)
  • Sewing machine optional


  1. Cut the green material into two squares – size depends on how big/small you want the pillow to be
  2. Sew the squares together (inside out) leaving a hole a few inches wide
  3. Turn the pillow right side out
  4. Stuff the pillow
  5. Stitch the hole up with green thread
  6. Look at the creeper’s face (sorry I don’t have a template) and draw the eyes and mouth on the black material with chalk and ruler
  7. Cut out the eyes and mouth
  8. Hand stitch the eyes and mouth into the front of the pillow with black thread 

Ta-Da! Creeper Pillow finished 💚

Minecraft Doll- Intermediate



  • Green material (I used fleece)
  • Black material (I used felt)
  • Chalk
  • Ruler or other straightedge
  • Needle
  • Thread (green and black)
  • Stuffing (you can use the stuffing inside an old pillow)
  • Sewing machine optional


  1. Use the chalk and draw a human shape on the backside of the green material and cut it out (pin it together)
  2. Sew around doll (inside out) leaving a hole in the top of the head 
  3. Turn the doll right side out and stuff 
  4. Stitch up the hole in the head with green thread
  5. Use chalk and a ruler to draw the eyes and mouth on the black material
  6. Sew the eyes and mouth onto the doll face with black thread

Ta-Da the creeper doll is finished!!

Give as a gift or keep and play with!

The creeper doll makes a great reading buddy!


Draw your own playmat map

I just enjoyed a vacation with my family! It began about two weeks ago when I took a break from my phone which meant no blogging and very limited Facebook! This past week we went to a cabin in Ohio and enjoyed time with family and the great outdoors!


I packed activities for the kids to do for when we were just hanging around the cabin. 

My favorite art project was making our own playmat map… My daughter loved it and I enjoyed helping her!

It all started when I bought a racing playmat map from the thrift store for $3.

It was cute and clean, but since it had been washed, the foam backing was beginning to flake off.


I sewed an old white curtain to the back of the mat.  This protected the foam and created a blank canvas for our own map to be sewn on.    

 * I sewed the curtain on like you would sew a pillow together. Don’t do that! It have a nice edge and the white side layed flat, however the original car map side was lumpy!  Next time I would just sew the material flat into the backside and not worry about unfinished edges!

I gave Simone a pack of permanent markers and she let the creativity flow!

1. She drew a simple map on a piece of paper as a rough draft.


2. She got started by drawing with a black marker and then her and I would fill in the pictures with colors.


The playmat turned out so adorable!

The boys enjoyed driving their cars on the new mat, and Simone was excited to bring it home to play bunnies on it!

* maps could be drawn according to preference: dinosaurs, favorite cartoons, space, inside a house,

Reusable napkins on-the-go

Cloth napkins are easy to make and are very versitile! 

One of my first blog posts was about my cloth napkins in the kitchen! 

Cloth Napkins

Well, today, we went to the Botonical Gardens with part of my gigantic family… 

And I noticed my sister had reusable napkins in her diaper bag!

The cutest thing ever, though, was when her daughter showed me her napkin in her pocket!!


DIY – Camp Fire Pillow

Last year, my kids were really into playing house in the backyard.

 They set up all kinds of tent houses.


But- what they really wanted was a campfire!đŸ”„

So… While they were playing nicely outside, I went to my sewing corner and made them a fire-pillow!!

It was their idea to use an old tire and grill-wire to form their own fire-pit!

How to make your own fire-pillow đŸ”„


  • Orange and black(ish) material

  • Different shades of orange, red and yellow felt

  • Stuffing

  • Sewing machine or needle and thread


For the flames on top of the pillow

  1. Cut the orange and black material into same size rectangles (size depends on how big you want your fire)

  2. Cute the orange and yellow and red felt into different size strips 

  3. Sew the strips onto the orange material – 

  • smaller strips only need one side sewn down

  • Larger strips should be sewn so that they are looped high – like a flame (sew the ends close to each other)

Sewing the pillow together 

  1.  Put the orange and black  material together- right sides together (insideout)

  2. Sew around the edges, leaving a hike big enough to turn the pillow right side out

  3. Turn the pillow right side out

  4. Stuff the pillow

  5. Stitch up the hole on the side


Fluff up the flames and hand it to your children…

They will use their imaginations and find plenty of ways to play with it!!

* I hotglued a cotton ball to the end of a stick to make a marshmallow for roasting!

Thinking outside the Easter Basket

I could feel the panic begin to rise inside.

Today is Friday… and Easter is 2 days away.

What in the world was I going to do about Easter Baskets?

We all know I wasn’t about to go buy my kids candy and toys!

My mind has been thinking about this dilemma for a while… and I finally got my solution 🙂

4 bags

l sewed them each a draw string bag with their initial on it!

(My idea is that they can bring these bags to the park to fill with treasures like feathers and shells and rocks and sticks and flowers…)

I know that candy is a big deal… so they each get a bag of chocolate chunks.

photo (18)

These are by far the BEST chocolates in the world! And they are super allergy friendly!!! No corn or gluten here 🙂

And of course we can’t forget…something vintage!

photo (16)

I found these cool decks of cards at an estate sale.  They look super fun to play!!

I put their cards and chocolate in their bags and they look ready to give!

(I might put an Easter egg with a dollar in their bags too!)

photo (19)

…And the family gift…

A vintage view master with plenty of slides – and – a projector with a screen!

photo (20)

Fishing Vests from repurposed jean jackets

Last year I made my kids fishing vests.

There are lots of pockets to put found treasures.

I also attached various lures to be used.

The kids are all ready to go fishing…not that we ever catch anything – LOL!

The kids love their vests so much –  they wear them everywhere 🙂


It was such a simple fun project and very cheap!

Jean jackets and jean shirts work great for this project.

There are plenty of ugly jackets from the 1980’s that need to be repurposed!

I used a hooded sweatshirt for my youngest so I could make it a bird vest.


I cut the arms off the jackets/shirts.

I also cut pockets from old jeans.  I also made pockets using some netted material.

I cut their names out of felt and stitched around it on the back.


I think their favorite part was having their vest personalized.

Boys can sew too!

The main thing my son wanted for his birthday was a… sewing machine!

We already have 2 fairly new machines that everyone can sew on, so I declined his wish!

However, I did the next best thing!

I got him his first stash of material and a vintage sewing box filled with goodies.


This is the stash of material I got from Red Racks Thrift Store for $22.

I used a very retro vintage suitcase as a storage container – and filled it with the material.


I filled a vintage teal sewing box with all the supplies he would want and need.


Here is my son on his birthday… he brought his sewing stuff outside to work on a blanket for his cabbage patch!

photo (14)

And here he is with his first completed project…a stuffed horse to replace the one he lost!


Not only is this mamma proud, my son was so proud of his horse!

…and he was very proud that “he made it all by himself”!

Upcycle hoodies into animal costumes

Last year, my youngest son was REALLY into super heroes.  He wore a costume every. single. day!

Then I found this adorable dog sleeper at Goodwill for $2… and he switched to wanting to wear animal costumes.


Everyday, he thought of a new animal he wanted to be.

So I went to several Goodwills and bought an assortment of hoodies.

I used felt and my sewing machine and in about 20 minutes per costume, I made him a whole zoo of animals 🙂






zebby (2)

I found a girly striped sleeper, that I transformed into a Zebra costume with a yarn tail and an eared stocking hat.

(I folded the pink inside the sleeper and hemmed it so the pink wouldn’t show and sewed a heart over the pink zebra)


I found a green swim cover up and transformed it into a frog costume.


I am sorry that there are no actual directions.

But these costumes are really simple and cheap!

Perhaps the pictures can act as guides and give inspiration for your own animal costumes!

repurposed bread box storage

I have an adorable wooden bread box that I scored at a garage sale a few years ago for a quarter.


Unfortunately, we don’t eat bread. *sniff, sniff*

I’ve mentioned previously, that we are a gluten-free, corn-free family.

Well, we are also yeast-free and xanthan gum-free too.

I gave up a long time ago finding/creating a recipe for bread without those ingredients!

Anyway- I love my bread box, but it lost its place in the kitchen…

but it has been repurposed into a ribbon box!


I store my ribbon spools, bias tape, and various strings in this vintage bread box!

If you have a bread box that needs a new purpose in life, it could be used to house an assortment of things!

  • An art box full of craft supplies (buttons, zippers, glue, markers, scissors, crayons, glitter, stamps…)
  • A mini toy box (little animals and people, blocks, Legos, puppets, doll clothes, army men, dinosaurs)
  • A clothes organizer (socks, ties, t-shirts, tank-tops)
  • Homework Helper (pencils, paper, calculator, sharpener, pens, counters…)
  • Mail Catcher (throw your mail in the box and deal with it later)
  • the list could go on and on and on

I can’t wait till garage season starts again, I’m thinking I could use another breadbox, or two!