Giving our chicken a bath

When I was a child, we had a baby chick that was given to us.  It was in poor health and the farmer had written it off as a loss.  Being young and kind-hearted, my sisters and I were determined to care for the baby chicken.

We bought it home and made a best for it.  Then I got the bright idea that it needed a bath (it was a hot mess of feathers and dirt).

Well… Shortly after the bath, it died 😦

My family has never let me forget the bath incident.  It comes up several times a year – a simple reminder that I shouldn’t give my chickens a bath LOL!

Well- today, I gave AppleRose a bath… Well at least a foot bath! And I’m pretty sure she’s going to live trough the experience!

We have had a LOT of rain, making AppleRose’s living space wet and muddy! I noticed that her toes were getting caked in mud that was as hard as rock.

I decided that this was a great lesson in chicken care and turned the cleaning process into a hands-on learning experience for the kids. (Although Eli and Andre couldn’t watch because for some reason they thought her toes might fall off -which they didn’t – LOL!)

It was actually very easy- we just dipped her foot in a bucket of water to loosen the mud and then picked at the mud ball- making it fall apart.

Within 5 minutes, her feet were scrubbed clean… Making a very happy chicken ❤️