A Roll in the Park and the reaction of bystanders

We went to the park the other day, right before a Boy Scout meeting.

 I thought it would be a great way to burn off some energy.  The kids put on their helmets and rollerblades and started down the path…

They got a little ahead of me – and when I caught up to them – they were halfway up this “mountain”.


There was an older couple that stopped to watch the kids playing.

The man thought the kids were hilarious and he kept laughing… the woman, on the other hand, kept giving me dirty looks of disapproval.  She was so disgusted with my children and I that she huffed away, leaving the man behind (who, by the way, stayed until after the children rolled down the hill and then gave the kids a round of applause).

I was surprised by the diverse reactions of these two people.  I felt the woman judged me quite harshly as I was only allowing my children the freedom to play and explore a hillside… they even had helmets on!

By the time they all had finished rolling down the hill, all four children were filthy!! and Simone had a giant hole in the back of her jeans!!


We did a quick dusting off of the clothes and did an impromptu trip to GoodWill where Simone got a very stylish pair of turquoise Lucky Brand jeans for $2

And Eddie had a great time at the Boy Scout Meeting where became an official Scout!

A Fairy Wing

Simone just came running into the house to show me that she found a FAIRY WING!


Yes… I teach my children about the true wonders of life ❤️

* I am currently reading the book series FableHaven by Brandon Mull aloud to my children… A truely magical story!! 📖

A wild birthday

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, I took a selfie… I was camping and didn’t have a mirror and I wanted to see what 35 looked like!

So… rumor has it I had a “WILD” party!

That’s because I did… I spent a few days in the wild – camping with my family 🙂

There were bike rides, river swimming, rock climbing, a float trip, campfires, star gazing…

a whole lot of wild fun!

All these bikes are second hand bikes

I invite all my (wonderful) readers to read about the wild adventure on my other blog where I write about our journey to become a wild family.

I am reading this fabulous book called How to Raise a Wild Child: the art and science of falling in love with nature by Scott Sampson.  It is an inspirational book that is encouraging me (and my husband) to get the kids outside and become wild (nature loving) children… however it is more than just throwing our kids outside and locking the door (LOL) – it’s about changing our attitudes as a family to love, understand, and respect the Earth 🙂

 – which is why the blog is called Becoming A Wild Family . (click here to see the blog)

…And this KindCotton post wouldn’t be complete without… vintage luggage!