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A Roll in the Park and the reaction of bystanders

We went to the park the other day, right before a Boy Scout meeting.

 I thought it would be a great way to burn off some energy.  The kids put on their helmets and rollerblades and started down the path…

They got a little ahead of me – and when I caught up to them – they were halfway up this “mountain”.


There was an older couple that stopped to watch the kids playing.

The man thought the kids were hilarious and he kept laughing… the woman, on the other hand, kept giving me dirty looks of disapproval.  She was so disgusted with my children and I that she huffed away, leaving the man behind (who, by the way, stayed until after the children rolled down the hill and then gave the kids a round of applause).

I was surprised by the diverse reactions of these two people.  I felt the woman judged me quite harshly as I was only allowing my children the freedom to play and explore a hillside… they even had helmets on!

By the time they all had finished rolling down the hill, all four children were filthy!! and Simone had a giant hole in the back of her jeans!!


We did a quick dusting off of the clothes and did an impromptu trip to GoodWill where Simone got a very stylish pair of turquoise Lucky Brand jeans for $2

And Eddie had a great time at the Boy Scout Meeting where became an official Scout!


My daughter’s Vintage Barbie world

My daughter is 10 and has a great imagination for pretend play!

Over the years, she has had many play areas set up as tiny little lands… Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Ponies, Barbie, Polly Pocket.

I would find a deal at a garage sale and buy a bulk amount for real cheap.  She would play with the toys for several months and then lose interest. I would then pass the toys onto other family members…

Here is Simone’s current mini-play world set up under her loft-bed…


The funny thing about these vintage Barbie play sets is that I was originally going to sell them in my Etsy shop…

But when I saw my daughter’s eyes light up as we set them up for pictures, I couldn’t resist offering them to her! ❤️

(The hardest part of my shop is that when I find products for it… I want to keep them or give them as gifts to the people I love – LOL)

Vintage hanging baskets… for toy storage

I’m a sucker for vintage wire baskets that hang.  

You know the ones – they belong in the kitchen full of apples and oranges and potatoes and onions.

Well, I have three of them… None of which are in my kitchen – LOL!!

Two are in my sunporch.  They are more decorative than functional. 

The 3rd one I bought at a garage sale for a quarter a few weeks ago and it sat in the car while I thought about a place to put it.

(I have a tendency to buy what I love and then find a way to use it or display it.)

Anyway, as my daughter and I were cleaning up the backyard… I noticed the kids had been playing house under the slide. 

The play food was scattered all over the ground (of course)!

So I ran to the car and got the basket.  All I needed was a hook, a screw, and the drill.

Ta Da!! The hanging basket became an outdoor play pantry for kids!  

The kids love their new “house”!   

Upcycle an old porch-swing frame into a stage

Anyone have an old frame for a porch swing?

Don’t know what to do with it?

Let me show you what we did with ours when the kids were younger!

Take a shower curtain liner (so it doesn’t get yucky in the rain) and hang it on the top pole with shower curtain hooks.

* you can cut the curtain in half if you want so it can open and close more like a stage)

Then…watch as your children do tricks and shows for you!

From dog house to play house

Years ago we bought a used dog house off of craigslists – and turned it into a chicken coop!

Unfortunately, we lost a few hens to a hungry raccoon 😢

In order to keep our last hen, Apple Rose, safe we put her in a hutch my sister made. (We let her free range everyday, under supervision.)

So… this left an unused dog house turned chicken coop.

My middle son asked if it could be his play house – and of course I said yes!



… I’ll have to keep an eye out for another vintage mailbox!