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Happy Halloween… Vintage Style πŸŽƒ

This black and orange QUILTED dress is my costume today!  I’m going as a 60’s girl 😊

The bottom half of this dress is seriously quilted!! I’m going to be so warm when I take my kiddos out tonight!!

There is even a pocket –  perfect for for keeping a secret candy stash!! πŸ˜‰

(This dress was half off at an Estate Sale – so it was $1.50)


Simone is going as Laura from Little House on The Prairre. She got her outfit from a church sale for $2.

The older lady that checked us out said she had made the dress and hat for a barn dance she attended when she was young.



Vintage Fashion #3: Β  an A-line skirt

Friday Fashion – Vintage Style

This vintage skirt was my mother’s! She wore it for my baptism when I was a week old ❀️

* Vintage Skirt – free (family heirloom)

*Tank tops (Target- I absolutely must wear a tank top in the summer heat and I have yet to come across a vintage one… Probably not really vintage attire)

*Wooden necklaces $.49 (thrift store)

* vintage thermoses keep things cold/hot even into the next day… They are absolutely amazing!!!

Vintage Fashion – sun dress

I absolutely love vintage clothes ❀️

I wear vintage clothes almost everyday… And I want to encourage others to think and dress outside of modern fashion!

I admit it feels a little silly to pose for a picture – but I want to start showcasing Β  vintage fashion on the blog 😊

Please bear with me as I learn how to take pictures that best display vintage outfits!

$6.50 Summer Dress

This ruffled dress is perfect for the hot humid weather we are having today!

Before I could wear it, though, my husband had to trim a few inches off the bottom for me!

(Short girl problem!!)

This dress has been so fun to wear! I went garage sailing this morning and was complimented so many times on my dress! It was a great conversation starter and a sneaky way to encourage thrift store shopping!

You might be a hippie if…

You might be a hippie if you mow the lawn – barefoot! 

 I started out in flip-flops but the smell of freshly cut grass was too much… I kicked them off and wiggled my toes right into the soft sticky grass πŸ˜ƒ

Happy feet mean a happy sole!

*pun intended πŸ˜‰

You might be a hippie family if…

You might be a hippie family if you have to braid your sons’ hair for a swim meet!


The boys had a choice to either cut their hair or let me braid it.  

They bravely chose the braid!


Please shop second-hand stores β€οΈ

I haven’t opened my computer in over a week and I don’t watch the news on TV so I’m a little late in knowing what’s going on around the world.

My husband told me last night about the tragic fire in the Philippines.  A fire broke out  in a shoe factory that killed many workers (I wept listening to interviews of what happened). There were no fire alarms or exits for the workers to use.  

Unsafe conditions for workers is a big reason why I don’t buy retail!

Please shop at second hand stores!!

Please wear yesterday’s fashion!!

 Don’t give money to clothes and shoe companies that mistreat their workers, that don’t protect their rights, that put their workers in harm’s way… sometimes to the point of death!!

Shopping at second-hand stores is a wonderful experience!!

There are great outfits waiting for you at the Salvation Army, Goodwill stores, and/or various thrift stores!! You will be pleasantly surprised 😊

I found Eddie this vintage St. Louis Cardinals Football shirt ($4) today!  I wasn’t looking for it… But there it was, just waiting for a cool kid to wear it proudly 😊


I got this vintage hipster hat (made in the (USA) for Andre for a quarter at a garage sale today! It helps tame his long hippie hair!! πŸ˜‰
Good luck and I hope you find some great second-hand outfits!!