A Fairy Wing

Simone just came running into the house to show me that she found a FAIRY WING!


Yes… I teach my children about the true wonders of life ❤️

* I am currently reading the book series FableHaven by Brandon Mull aloud to my children… A truely magical story!! 📖


Hey good looking…. Whatcha got cooking?

Finally! A cool crisp fall day!! 🍁

… And I have a large stock-pot boiling on the stove…

Is this a large pot of stew? Or chili?

I wish – LOL!!

It’s a boiling pot of soapy water filled with old painted-on door hinges!

The kids were rather disappointed when they found out I wasn’t cooking them something to eat.

Here is a before picture – with about 50 years of paint..

Hopefully tomorrow I can show off some shiny vintage hinges hanging on our doors 😊

Vintage paper dolls

Simone woke up late this morning….. And was quite jealous that the boys had already played a video game with their father.

I figured I should pull out a mother-daughter activity…. And I had the perfect thing!

A book of Shirley Temple paper dolls and clothes!

We have been enjoying a morning of cutting and dressing up the dolls ❤️

Simone was very excited about the paper dolls because Laura from Little House on the Prairie played with paper dolls too.

Daisy, a dog and her carpet sweeper

I now have 2 Daisies in my life!

… And one cleans up after the other!! (How conventient)

I’ve introduce our dog, Daisy, before and how she came to be in our life 🐶❤️


Now I’d like to introduce our second Daisy…

… Our vintage Carpet Sweeper!

I saw this at a garage sale today and I immediately thought of the one at my grandparents’ cabin by the lake!

(That thing seemed old even when I was a child!)

I asked the lady at the garage sale if it worked and she said, “Yup- used it twice a week! You can have it for a dollar.”

$1.00 – yes please!!!

So now I have a Daisy Bissel carpet cleaner to clean up Daisy’s dog hair!

(I know, I know… I should have put my pearls on for this picture)

It works like a charm!!! and all the kids think it’s cool and want to use it LOL!! 😉

Altered vintage #1- orange button-up

This embellished burnt-orange button-up shirt literally called my name from across the thrift store rack.

The price tag read $3.09 – which meant I could buy it 😃 dispite it being too big!

This is the first time I’ve altered anything, so I was more worried about doing it successfully than about taking pictures to show how it was done- sorry!! Since I plan on doing this more often, I’ll get better at describing the process!


I kept sewing inch seams under the arm down to the waist – about 4 times- till I got the shirt to a good size.
Then I created an inch seam atop the sleeve although down the sleeve.  Finally, I took in the bottom arm seam 2 inches to create a better arm fit!

Of course- I’m more of a dress girl…

This shirt turned my summer dress into a fall outfit 🎃

I LOVE how the shirt turned out 🙂 Well worth the $3 and time it took to sew.

Prairie Hat

Simone got this adorable vintage prairie hat at a garage sale –

(We met the lady that made the hat (and dress) for a dance about 40 years ago!  We also bought the dress, but Simone is saving it for Halloween)

Since she is currently reading the Little House on The Prairie series, she has been working on a MineCraft world that involves all the places that Laura lived.  Simone was so excited to wear her hat as she played!

Total immersion into a great book 🙂